Why I Develop Software

From being obsessed with Casio Databanks to owning just about every Palm Pilot (so many my wife still jokes about how many I owned), throughout the years I have loved the positive effect technology can bring to everyday life. During my career, I have been everyone’s “Excel Guy” and tech support representative. It all changed in 2008 when I needed a website as a real-estate agent and the options were not all that great, so I taught myself PHP and built my platform.

Since then, I have learned Python, Java, Flutter, and Android. Lately, I have been spending more time in Python and Flutter, for two reasons: multi-platform and scalability. In the future, a goal I have is to make more open-source projects to fix everyday problems and to help me keep my skills sharpened.

My Motivation

Ever since I realized I was climbing a ladder leaned against the wrong wall (thanks Stephen Covey), I have been on a mission to work on the most important things first.

One of my guiding principles is being the best husband, father, brother, and friend possible. The time that my wife and I take to spend with each other and those we love are our biggest priorities. From meals to vacations, we try to make each moment count.

Professionally, I look for work relationships that truly value people and allow innovative ideas to move the organization forward. Idealistic, well, of course it is, but it is a goal. If I only have a set number of years to live on this earth, I really want to make sure that I contribute to meaningful activities.